Brighton Terrain Parks | Rider Profile: James Buehler
Brighton Resort mountain averages 500 inches of snow a winter. The snow is traditionally light, fluffy and dry making it a paradise for riders and skiers. Brighton is located directly in the path of winter storms and it is also at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon so it gets the very best of the “greatest snow on earth,” and lots of it.
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Rider Profile: James Buehler

Rider Profile: James Buehler

I had the pleasure of meeting James this summer while working. We didn’t talk much until we bonded over an issue of Transworld one day and he said he was looking for a photographer for the season, and that is when the relationship between yours truly and team Paradise began. James and his friends took me into the backcountry for the first time, introduced me to the race gas (s*it gets you hyphy) at Club Paradise, and that’s when I discovered they are easily the most legit kids in Summit county, and maybe even all of Utah…coming straight out of South Dakota James has made things happen for himself and really is living the dream.

Nick Name- buehler, J,ferris or une if we go way back


How long have you been riding? -15yrs, 8 in the hills and 7 in the mtns.

Home resort- Great Bear in sioux falls South Dakota, But Brighton taught me how to ride.

Favorite color-gold

Favorite adult beverage-RACE GAS- if you’ve ever been to club paradise you know what it is.. half a beer, shot a vodka and a quarter of a full throtttle- never drink more than 2!

Thoughts on jump on it- That place is Rad.. its a little unsafe though.. Whenever i leave there im always trampoline burned up! Its a cheap, kinda safe way to learn new tricks haha

What kind of animal did your dog bring home the other day?-ohh a skunk!!! that was crazy.. everybody knows what a skunk smells like but not everybody has had a dead one on the front porch!… Intense

How bad does your house reek?- still smell it 4 days later..

favorite terrain to ride… I like everything… But i go where the winter takes me and this year its been Backcountry Jumps.. theres nothing like it!

First board- Black snow.. one of those plastic guys got me hooked!!

Current board-Savai 155,163… soo good

Describe your best day this season- After not being able to drive into tahoe city for 2 days because a storm was depositing 8ft. of chaos.. imagine sitting in traffic for days while 8ft. of snow is piling up around you.. Our Budget was only for 2 days, a quick in and out film sesh was wasted…Then, Savai Snowboards called and heard the storm was perfect and said stay 2 more! The next day @ Squaw Valley was insane..Blue looked like a bowl filled all the way to the top with whipped cream! I was a little kid in a dream land just playing… The park was completely buried, even the half pipe was filled to the top.. The upper part of squaw had been closed and we got all of it fresh open pow for days..

Stance- regs, beast 25 ish 17front 15back

Sponsors- Savai snowboards, Smith, Skullcandy, loli beainies

Shoutouts- my fam, my girl-she takes care of me, my team. my friends, my God for this life, Some Alex’s, Gavic, Agin and Lockwood.. A Huge shoutout to Meghan Kirk!!