Brighton Terrain Parks | Rider Profile: Alex Gavic
Brighton Resort mountain averages 500 inches of snow a winter. The snow is traditionally light, fluffy and dry making it a paradise for riders and skiers. Brighton is located directly in the path of winter storms and it is also at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon so it gets the very best of the “greatest snow on earth,” and lots of it.
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Rider Profile: Alex Gavic

Rider Profile: Alex Gavic

Alex at the Eve Big Air comp

Alex is also a part of team Paradise. He is one of the most humble people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. He knows how to run a salad bar, but can ride a hell of a lot better. (no offence Alex) Always down for anything, snow, sledding and riding are what this kid lives for, as much as the rest of us. One of the most down to earth kids you will ever meet, coming straight outta da Hood, and you wouldn’t know from talking to him how extreme he gets. At the beginning of the season we were up at Brighton and he was hitting the tree line. He flew right into the tree but got right back up and kept trying and nailed it. He won’t stop until he nails whatever he set out to do. This kid knows what he wants and will get it because of his passion and drive for the sport.

Nick name: If it’s not Alex, it’s usually Gavic.


How long have you been riding?13 years.

Home resort:All of Mt. Hood in Oregon.

First board: If I recall right, it was a Lust.

Pinky or the Brain? Alone, either would be useless.

Favorite color: Green

Favorite adult beverage: Race Gas!

Bloods or Crips: Green [hope he doesn’t mean Celtics green, we might have an issue]

I heard you called in sick to work for a week cause it snowed in tahoe. Tell me a story.:
Haha. So it had been snowing a little bit here and there for awhile in Utah, and everybody was ready for some pow. My roomates decided they were going to Tahoe for a huge storm the next morning. It was about 10pm the night before. So come 5am I decided that I was going to go with them. Called my boss the morning I was supposed to work at 7am and told him I was going to Tahoe and wasn’t sure when I was coming back because the were expecting 7 feet of snow. Went to Tahoe with less than $100 in my back account. We shredded Squaw Valley the day they opened the upper mountain. I haven’t ridden snow that deep in a long time! We stayed with our buddy Keola out there and he showed us all of the fun local spots to shred. Everybody said: “we couldn’t have caught Squaw on a better day.” Savai snowboards hooked up lift tickets so James and I could shred. Big thanks to both Savai and Keola for the hook! Got back to Park City 5 days later with 3 new feet of pow here, and still kickin at my job.

Would you ever dump em out? I dumped my titties out in front of hundreds in SLC..?

Favorite terrain to ride: Steep and Deep

Current board: Savai Snowboard. 155cm

Describe your best day this season: This is my first season with a sled. I’ve had countless bluebird pow days with my homies in the backcountry. Those are the best days.

Stance: 22 1/2 inches. 15, -12.

Sponsors: Savai Snowboards, Paradise Tall Tees, James Buehler with the hook on the hand-me-downs.

Shoutouts: Savai Snowboards, Ma+Pa, James Buehler, Pat Evernden, Dave VanArtsdalen, The Big Guy upstairs. Chuck the sled. and everone else that has helped make this season one for the books. .Paradise.