Brighton Terrain Parks | NIKITA CHICKITA SLOPESTYLE Wrap up.
Brighton Resort mountain averages 500 inches of snow a winter. The snow is traditionally light, fluffy and dry making it a paradise for riders and skiers. Brighton is located directly in the path of winter storms and it is also at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon so it gets the very best of the “greatest snow on earth,” and lots of it.
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Nikita Chickita USA 2010 went down on Saturday February 20th at Brighton, Utah. What lay ahead was a super fun day and everyone who made it had a great time. A total of 46 girls showed up to be part of this year’s event and some amazing riding led to the following shredsters making the finals:

Top ten AMs:
Jessica Jensen
Midori Oatari
Anouck Gran
Lauren Weibert
Ariel Freidman
Renae Palma
Halo Wilson
Jessi Higgi
Kirra Kotsenburg
Oliyvia Weston

Top ten PROs:
Lynn Niell
Colleen Quigley (Nikita)
Steph Luxton
Lajawn Allen
Ashley Thornton (Nikita)
Kaitlyn Farrington (Nikita)
Gabby Maiden (Nikita)
Kara Rennie (Nikita)
Paige Rainear
Sandra Hillen

The surprise of the day was seeing winner of the AM division, 17 year old Jessica Jensen go on to win the PRO category as well!! This has never happened before and Jessica is definitely going to be a name to watch. She was hucking some super clean back 5’s which earned her the win and becomes a proud member of the Nikita Team with a one-year sponsorship deal. She totally rocked it! The Brighton staff did justice providing a great course. It had a variety of five different rails and boxes at the start leading to two 20 foot kickers in a row on to a wall ride finish. Long and challenging, but super fun!

Nikita Team rider and NC USA regular Colleen Quigley took 3rd again in the PROs category, consistently throwing huge back flips throughout the day. Another highlight was Paige Rainear getting tech on the rails with front board back one’s and gnarly nollie back tails.

Thanks to the judges on the day, including Madison Blackley (Nikita Team rider), Ana Van Pelt (Niche Snowboards), Kory (Arkade Magazine) and Marty (Park Digger at Brighton). Each judged a particular category either looking at Style, Technicality, Amplitude or Landing. Madison “had a blast judging. It was very fun being on this side of the competition. I got to see really rad tricks that I normally don’t see being so focused on the competition.”

Well done to all competitors that took part in Nikita Chickita 2010. Here are the results:

Winner AMs:
1st Place – Jessica Jensen, Idaho
2nd Place – Midori Oatari, Japan
3rd Place – Ranae Palma, Massachusetts

Winner Pros:
1st Place – Jessica Jensen, Idaho
2nd Place – Lynn Neill, Utah
3rd Place – Colleen Quigley, Massachusetts

Following her win, this is what Jessica had to say; “It was my first all-girl event and I had so much fun! The jam format took all the stress away from the comp and that was great.”

Other riders included Alice Gong (Winner Nikita Chickita USA 2008), Gabby Maiden, Kaitlyn Farrington, Kara Rennie plus Ashley Thornton who commented that “All in all it was an amazing contest!” and Colleen Quigley, “You guys killed it, the event was awesome and super fun.” The youngest competitor on the day was Kirra Kostenburg, just 13 years of age and tearing the bag!!

Following on from the day’s contest, everyone got loose at the Canyon Inn. A whole bunch of dancing and drinking took place in true Nikita fashion. A bunch of prizes were given away in a dance-off which led to some pretty impressive moves on the floor!

Hope to see you all again next year!!

Nikita Chickita Slopestyle Contest from Cole Taylor on Vimeo.