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Brighton Resort mountain averages 500 inches of snow a winter. The snow is traditionally light, fluffy and dry making it a paradise for riders and skiers. Brighton is located directly in the path of winter storms and it is also at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon so it gets the very best of the “greatest snow on earth,” and lots of it.
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I Love the Smell of Fresh Cut Wood in the Morning:

The SLUG Games Lumberjack Jam By Sean Sullivan   The SLUG Games Lumberjack Jam is by far one of my favorite contests to be a part of for a number of reasons, but mostly because I’m a patriot, and lumberjacks are about as American as apple pie....

Guns Out Teaser

The Naptime Films name is no more since we combined our crews so we are now calling the ourselves "Variety Pack," for those of you who weren't already aware. The name of the flick is "Guns Out." Here's a little taste of the flick. For...

Lumberjack Jam Results!!!

Here are the official Slug Games Lumberjack Jam Results!!! Check em' out. And look out for the February issue of Slug Magazine for a complete write up about the event. Boarder Women's Open: 1: Madison Blackley 2: Marley Colt 3: Alicia Trujillo Boarder Men's Open: 1: Ted Barlond 2: Brandon Hobush 3: Kevin...