Brighton Terrain Parks | 32 Day wrap up…
Brighton Resort mountain averages 500 inches of snow a winter. The snow is traditionally light, fluffy and dry making it a paradise for riders and skiers. Brighton is located directly in the path of winter storms and it is also at the very top of Big Cottonwood Canyon so it gets the very best of the “greatest snow on earth,” and lots of it.
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32 Day wrap up…

32 Day wrap up…

March 2, 2009: 3.2.09, also known as Thirty-Two Day ay Brighton, Utah. The ThirtyTwo Crew decided to head up to their favorite mountain to throw a little party, and at the same time have a lot of fun. A crazy downhill banked slalom race on thirty-two berms and bumps followed by a rail jam were the orders of the day, and more than 132 racers and jibbers came out to have some fun and show off what they got. Timed trials yielded some fast times early on, with Brighton park ripper Ben McGill throwin’ down the fastest time the first half of the day. It took until the last few races for the fastest time of the day, though, when Tyler Eamond beat out everyone else by 6+ seconds, with a lightning-fast 123.01 down the treacherous course. Wiki Jones, all the way from Australia, made the women proud with a very respectable 139.72 time that beat all but about 15 of the men.

The afternoon sun was trying to come out on the rail jam as 81 jibbers made the walk up the hill over and over again to try to get theirs. The elimination style of judging was used-basically, the judges called out people they wanted to see, and people they didn’t want to see any more of… The last man standing was Mr. Everest Arnold, who survived just past the stylish Brandon Hobush, local favorite Ted Borland, and overall ripper Chris Brewster. The top five was rounded out by Carson Pippen. On the girls side, Madison Blackley took home the honor of top girl jibber, followed by Midori Oatari and Wiki Jones.

The overall women’s award went to top chick Wiki Jones in the Thirty spot, and second place went to Midori Oatari in the Two spot…

Since the $320 cash was given to the best overall riders of the day, Chris Brewster took home the top honor of the Thirty spot, the cash, and the 32 x StepChild collab snowboard, as well as shoes and gear from etnies and ThirtyTwo. “I’ve never had so much money at one time in my whole life,” said Brewster. Somehow, we believe it… Mr. Brewster is a real character. Carson Pippin, who ended 5th in the jib jam and was a respectable top-twenty in the race, got the other snowboard, boots from ThirtyTwo, and more gear, ending up in the Two spot…

Thanks to everyone at Brighton, ThirtyTwo, and MiloSport for the support and help with the event… Where will you be next year on 32 Day?


Banked Slalom:

1.  Tyler Eamond
2.  Knut Eliason
3.  Gregg Gammertsfelder
4.  Ben McGill
5.  Mike Snow
6.  Chris Brewster
7.  Nick Russell
8.  Ben Gustafsen
9.  Kyle Lapiccollo
10. Tucker Andrews

Banked Slalom, Women’s:

1.  Wiki Jones
2.  Helen Wade
3.  Lisa Swift
4.  Leah Poppajohn
5.  Colleen Sharpe
6.  Caitlyn Ritchie
7.  Abbey Johnson
8.  Midori Oatari
9.  Madeline Pouillard
10. Kate O’Connor

Rail Jam:

1.  Everest Arnold
2.  Brandon Hobush
3.  Ted Borland
4.  Chris Brewster
5.  Carson Pippin

Rail Jam, Women’s:
1. Madison Blackley
2. Midori Oatari
3. Wiki Jones

Overall Winners:
The “3” Winner (first place): Chris Brewster
The “2” Winner (second place): Carson Pippin

Overall Winners, Women:
The “3” Winner (first place): Wiki Jones
The “2” Winner (second place): Midori Oatari